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busy whereas dodson is slipping to the one homerun hit. >> mike: with the counter again. johnson busy again, joe. good example of what you spoke of. dives in looking for a takedown. and he gets it. >> joe: but it is low on thigh control. the hip escape is possible and dodson gets it. front headlock, though. holding there. got to be careful. >> mike: the hand down for dodson. >> mike: hands to the ground. come here. come here. >> joe: let's take a look at it. as soon as the hand touches it becomes illegal to throw a knee and that is a clear violation of the known rules. and he is looking at it like he is shocked but should have been aware of that.
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>> mike: look at where the knee landed. >> look at me with your bad eye? am i ugly? >> the answer would be, yes. >> here is the knee. >> john mccarthy. >> joe: what is the right answer there? >> the answer is, yes. >> joe: there is a big difference. >> good? doing all right? >> tell me when you are -- i want you to get feeling good. >> joe: one more time, folks. a clean illegal shot. the hands down. a blatant violation here. i don't think that he realized it. i mean i don't want to speak for him. i don't want to think that he realized it but e should have been aware. >> ready? fight. >> mike: the battle continues.
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>> joe: he apologized. >> but the damage is done. that is a shot. >> mike: a great point. we have seen that before, joe. >> joe: yes. >> mike: and jorge rivera is a great example. some of the damage is done already. now, dodson seems more fired up. shot to the body. >> joe: would i would like dodson to continue to attack the legs the way he was doing earlier. he has to slow down some of the movement and there is only one way to do that. because demetrious is not going to get tired. >> mike: slow down the movement. do some damage. total strikes in the fight. the champion with over 100. to the challenger's 7.
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71. >> joe: becomes a real problem now that you enter into the fourth and fifth rounds. unchartered territory for dodson and his confidence and his conditioning becomes questionable. whereas johnson pressing forward. sail thing. light on the toes. constantly attacking. and if you are watching it, it is hard to score a round like this with dodson unless he connects with a haymaker. >> mike: in he does then he can win and if he doesn't the rounds go away and forced to win that way. >> mike: four takedowns scored as well. 8 takedown attempts have been stuck but four scored. and so far, no takedowns on the ledger of john dodson. >> joe: nice left hook of demetrious. you hear matt yelling pressure he is going to break. >> mike: which again goes back
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to what rob radford talked about. and knowing the fighters from seattle very well and being up there for weeks at a time with rich franklin and working side by side with demetrious johnson. they both throw knees, nice knee he to the body will by d.j. and a nice o to the face. but now johnson -- excuse me, johnson. >> mike: nice and neat. >> joe: watch. >> mike: it's down. >> joe: a stupid rule. it really is. >> mike: a wise move, john, by johnson either way to knee the leg, though. >> joe: now, he can knee the head. now, the hands are down and he can't knee the head. almost like from his position it is hard to see where the hand is. >> a great point even when you look back to the other illegal shot. >> joe: just attacking the arm and legs here are. if you are a fighter and you are the agresor, just err on the side of caution the way to handle the rule? >> joe: that is exactly what he is doing.
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now, he is attacking that leg over and over and over again. forces him to extend with the arms. then he goes for the head. now, back up. now, he knows he can go to the head. from this position, no doubt. it is not low enough to touch the ground. here it gets questionable. >> mike: and now he is -- very solid knee. now, forced to touch. >> mike: andese done. >> joe: now, he goes to the right. but don is controlling his position and this is not where dodson wants to be. >> mike: 30 seconds on the clock. >> joe: this is where you will not get at him. you got to be technical. he is getting chewed up here, mike. he tried to get out of it with an explosion to an elbow to the body. you got to do that. >> nice there. >> joe: he got flipped. >> mike: johnson really turning it on here late in the fourth round. d.j. is outchampionshipping h him. >> joe: yes, he is. >> final seconds of this fourth. >> joe: great position of control led to damage.
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>> have a se and breathe. have a seat and breathe. >> joe: that was a significant roundor the champion. >> calm your breathing down. big breath. big breath. open your mouth. big breath. do it again. one more time. it's worth while. all right, little john. no combos. you got it? >> joe: here we see the clinch and look how he is doing this over and over again attacking with the knees to the head. dodson puts his hand downnd he switches it up to the legs. as soon as he has -- he has to defend against that he has to adjust and then he goes to the head. >> keep work are for the takedown. pressure. pressure. >> joe: they want him to repeat the strategy.
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clink and elbow. clinch and knee and pressure. and pressure. >> mike: fifth and final round. the champion demetrious johnson, the challenger john dodson. the ultimate fighter season 14 winner at 135. the first ever champion at 125. five minutes remain in this fight. someone will leave with the belt. our main event. the ufc flyweight championship here on fox ufc saturday. nearly 100 kicks landed and many of those, joe, were in the fourth round from the dominant position. >> joe: nice leg kick here by d.j. nice knee to the body. drops down. what a beautifully timed takedown attempt. the speed with which he delivers that is one of the things that really separates
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him. >> mike: fifth takedown scored by demetrious johnson. >> joe: none by dodson. >> mike: correct. "mighty mouse" has stopped all three of dodson's attempts. >> joe: dodson is in outstanding shape, no question about it but he has slowed down. johnson has not. and then the question remains does dodson have it in him to deliver those powerful blows that he handed in the second -- that he landed in the second that had demetrious in trouble. >> mike: definitely behind on the scorecard now after that big fourth round by demetrious johnson. >> joe: we know how confident -- be we might be wrong. >> mike: exactly. maybe. >> joe: people would beaning fry with us. those are nice knees to the body here by dodson. >> mike: check this out. >> joe: he climbed on top of him! he took advantage of the fact that dodson was pressuring him. jumps up high and did it again.
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holds himself, though, with his knees. >> mike: and there is the pressure. >> joe: and he senses that dodson is slowing down. he is trying to finish here, mike. >> mike: that is one way to not have to worry about a decision going against you is fine fight.finish the >> joe: when johnson thinks he is all oh over him the knees and elbows come. >> mike: boom. under three minutes remain in this fight. got knocked down early. but has gone on since. past the midway point of the fifth and final round here on the main event on fox ufc saturday. >> joe: dodson with the takedown attempt.
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>> mike: and gets one. will just over two minutes now remain. >> joe: right back up. >> mike: dodson has got to unleash here. >> joe: unquestionably. >> correct. just really doing a. >> joe: really doing a great job of keeping the pressure on dodson. a nice knee. never lets you breathe. and dodson is responding. he is responding. don d.j. is pressing. again, tore the head. that one hurt him. that one hurt him! >> mike: nearly 170 significant strikes rendered by the
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champion. >> joe: plenty of time here. this might be it. >> mike: he is up near 200 total strikes. and there is another big knee. >> joe: mixes it up with the body and to the head. again. >> another one. >> joe: oh, man! these are nasty. >> mike: trying to get -- >> joe: oh, to the body! >> mike: dodson with a smile on his face. >> joe: again, dodson can't take the knees to the face like this. i don't know if he has enough gas left in the tank to do anything different. >> mike: just hanging in there and trying to absorb his punishment. >> joe: a big championship performance. >> mike: it is. 30 seconds remain and a man who has been there before, joe. >> joe: again, another! again!
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>> mike: great moves by the champion by "mighty mouse." >> joe: beautiful job with the multiclinch. 123 kicks and knees landed. about to reach 200 significant strikes landed. >> joe: again. stops at 199. >> mike: the official decision of the championship fight when we come back! [ male announcer ] verizon fios is the fastest internet in america.
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>> mike: fox ufc saturday is sponsored by bud light. it's the sure sign of a good time. here we go. by the new action movie starring dewane johnson. snitch in theaters february 22. and by geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. our main event of the evening inside the united center goes
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the distance with the official decision, here is bruce buckler. >> ladies and gentlemen, after five rounds we go to the judge's scorecards for the decision. 48-47. 49-46. and 48-47. so the winner and still the undisputed ufc flyweight champion of the world, demetrious "mighty mouse" johnson! >> i'm here with the winner and still champion demetrious "mighty mouse" johnson. you have defended your title on fox in a really outstanding fight. give us your thoughts on the fight? >> first off i want to thank everyone. make it was a great fight and working. working on everything and tried to become a better martial
10:16 pm
artist. >> caught in the second round. were you in any trouble at all? >> i got dazed a bit but i'm in great shape. it is going happen. it is like going swimming you will get smashed and hit. i'm all right. >> congratulations. can't wait to see you fight again. really epit mize what is best about mma. demetrious "mighty mouse" johnson, ladies and gentlemen! >> mike: the championship for the first time. the move of the fight brought to you by metro pcs. 4g lte for all and oh, my goodness. the multiclinch. the knees utilized tonight to perfection by demetrious johnson. 200 total significant strikes landed. our metro pcs move of the fight. metro pcs. 4g lte for all. congratulations to the champion demetrious johnson. he has defended his flyweight championship for the very first time. the first things out, take it
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away. >> thanks a lot. as you mentioned here with the ufc fighters tale and brian and stan talk about the fight we just saw. seemed the way it went is that the champion got stronger as the fight went on. >> i tell you what, the nerds of the world almost had reason to celebrate because john dodson was this close to becoming world champion. i tell you, speed was the key to the fight. the two reminded me of jack rabbits on a date. they were all over the place and they were there so fast. i don't have to deal with anybody like that. brian can attest we don't deal with guys with this kind of speed and skill set. it wasn't without controversy. there was an illegal knee. this isn't my opinion. the referee called it it illegal. he stopped the fight. brought the doctors in. he did not take a point away. >> jack rabbits on the date. i thought with bradshaw not beside me i odd haven't to hear animal stories tonight. that's crazy. that was a good one. glover teixeira making sure
10:18 pm
that everyone knows he has arrived in a unanimous decision over "rampage." >> versatile attack. leg kicks and combinations to the head and the body. and nobody, i don't remember any one taking down quinton jackson that many times and so effortlessly in the history of the ufc while quinton jackson has been here. we did not see jackson with his. a couple of takedown attempts. taking him down on the ground and keeping him standing and glover teixeira showed everyone he is here and a contender. >> we will hear more from him. the flyweight were the main event tonight. next saturday the lighterweights take center stage angels the feather weights go at it. >> difficult to see who can challenge you at this point. >> i heard this story before. >> you can never count this kid out. >> one of the best of all time. >> aldo. >> antonio big foot.
10:19 pm
>> the left-hand. when we are done your late local news comes up followed by a repeat of the ultimate fighter and jon jones and their respective teams and don't forget tune in to fuel tv for the post fight show. for brian, and the entire fox crew thanks for sticking with us tonight. good night and thank you for watching fox ufc saturday. demetrious johnson prevails holding on to his flyweight captioned by closed captioning services, inc. 
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i am here for the 26 families who lost the love of their lives in newton. from newtown, connecticut, to the capitol. thousands descended on the national mall in support of tough every gun restrictions. after a few days of bitter cold, a winter warm-up might be
10:21 pm
on the way. >> nats fans have another mascot to right on. -- to root on. thank you for joining us. i'm laura evans. we'll get to the stories in just a moment. first, we're following a news alert out of the district. five people are recovering after being shot at a night club this morning. tonight, the gunman is on the run and fox 5s lauren demarco has been following this story all day long. >> reporter: the gun fire rang out during a party at the d.c. sound stage. police are searching for the suspect. mean tile, it's a miracle that -- meantime, it's a miracle that none was killed. five people shot inside the d.c. sound stage. a night club along benning road northeast. >> makes me not want to bring my son outside. that is like crazy, fast people. like a massacre. >> reporter: neighbors are on alert as the suspect remains on the loose. >> it's going to make me look over my shoulder more. >> reporter: police responded to the venue around 2:30 a.m.
10:22 pm
they say four men were shot and a woman took a bullet to the chest. >> everyone knows everyone around here. we're all at a shock and in awe that this type of situation is even happening. >> reporter: eddie cane is a promoter for d.c. sound stage and that the club doesn't have a history of violence. >> this was a random act where someone can walk on and off the street into the club, open the door and start a fire. >> reporter: investigators are checking to see if nearby surveillance cameras captured video and they working to determine a motive. he said the have an use was hosting private birthday parties and he doesn't believe the gunman knew anyone inside. >> and he ran off, left. and left those people in there hurt. the five victims were transferred to the hospital. >> and we're pray for the families. >> reporter: the suspect is described as a black male, 20 to 25 years old, tall and thin, 6'1", 170 pounds, medium
10:23 pm
complexion with a full beard and dreadlocks. anyone with information about 9 shooting, contact police. on the website, the d.c. sound stage said it's been in business the past two decades hosting local artists, bands, and comediennes. we knocked on the door but the people inside didn't wish to man a comment. the facility is closed want to and there is no word whether it will reopen. laura? >> thank you. a followup -- -- tacoma park. police responded to a call on fifth and nickleson street early friday morning. the officers found is the toon ager with the gun shot wound to the head. and another followup tonight, the name of the victim in a deadly car crash is released.
10:24 pm
31-year-old christina king of wall turnover died after crashing into an ambulance. that happened on southern avenue and the car flipped and caught fire. two paramedics were injured in the crash and there is no word on their conditions. in virginiava, herndon police believe extremely cold temperatures overnight might be to blame for the death of a man found along a path this morning. someone found the body around 11:00 near the 700 block of tamarac way. the police are not releasing an identity until next of kin is notified. we've had some bitter cold temperatures the last few days and could i -- could a warm-up be on the way? >> reporter: there is a warm-up on the way and it will be bleak but i think it will be welcome by many of us. temperaturewise, we were below the seasonal average. 37 at reagan national airport; 33 at dulles and 34 at bwi thurgood marshal. we should actually be in the low 40s and, however, didn't make it there today at all.
10:25 pm
the winds are light and camacross the area tonight. a ridge of high pressure is in control and there is not a lot happening in terms of the skies. this is a look at the sky conditions for you. can you see we have a few flurries that moved across the area in some parts and mainly to the west. you might see a passing flurry and there is nothing to talk about. it's going to be an odd, scattered, isolated here and there in nature, especially to the south of us. so, the wins are calm as i mentioned and this is a look at the current temperatures. it's a cold 32 degrees, 29 at baltimore and 23 at gaithersburg this hour. 32, culpepper and 28 at martinsburg. thirty, dulles and 24 hagerstown and this is your planner for -- and this is for want to. 26 degrees and we look at the continue:00 hour and we're tacking about a day where things will be calm -- talking about a day where things will be calm tomorrow. back to you. about 3,000 people gathered in washington today and their message to government leaders, the nation needs stricter gun
10:26 pm
control laws and there is that sprinkling of counterprotestors. john henrehan has -- has more. >> reporter: that marched from the grounds of the u.s. capitol to the grounds of the washington monument, carrying signs decrying the power of the national rifle soccer. some carried signs with the names of individual victims of gun violence and other signs ask for them to remember the massacre in newton, connecticut. a small contingent joined organizers on the stage. at the rally, the crowd appeared to be 3,000 strong. organizers warned the fight for more gun control legislation would be a tough one but -- . >> look at all the chafes people said couldn't happen: women's rights, civil rights, don't ask/don't tell. sometimes quickly and sometimes slowly, champ will happen when we work for it as a country.
10:27 pm
>> let us come together to across the nation to re-instate the assault weapon's ban. >> reporter: speakers called for limiting the size of ammunitions clips and to require background checks for all gun sales. after the massacre at sandy hook elementary school, eleanor holmes norton said the opus is on ordinary citizens to get involved. >> no more moaning. it's time to do something about it. >> reporter: there were a few people who opposed restricting assault weapons and magazines and requiring all gun purchases to have background checks. >> this won't work or make a difference. >> reporter: what will make a difference? >> prosecute guys who commit the crimes. >> reporter: a minister asked the crowd to pray in the direction of the white house for success of the obama administration's efforts to control guns. education secretary arne duncan reminded participants that it's going to take more than prayer. >> we'll do everything in our
10:28 pm
power to make sure that we pass legislation and to make our families and communities safer. we can't do it ourselves. we need you. if we stay together, nothing can stop us. thank you so much and god bless. thank you. >> reporter: a smokes -- spokesman for the nra didn't have a immediate response. in the past, the group opposed further restrictions on gun sales. john henrehan, fox 5 news. the season might be two months away, but nats fans have something to get excited about. a fifth president. lindsay member offy joins us with the -- murphy joins us with the announcement. >> reporter: the chats players, there it's funny, people came equally to see both, i think. and it was a really, really wonderful e haven't at the convention center. so many kids were there and so many adults excited to get up close and personal. >> there is so much example around the team now. >> there is. >> and the nats players deserve that. >> yeah they do.
10:29 pm
>> that were happy to see the fans and they deserve to have a faithful following. after all, they finished with the best record in baseball and won the nl east all-star desmond said they may not have had this turnout a couple of years ago. today, they did. 7,000 fans packed the washington convention center and trying to catch a glimpse or snap a picture of their favorite player. desmond, harper, gonzalez and werth were a couple of stars in attendance and there were tons of activities. little nats fans could take swings in the batting cages and some time to ride the basis. the, haven't was the unveiling of william taft. he will join teddy, abe, thomas and george in the traditional fourth inning showdown and that is a monumental moment that mayor gray didn't want to miss. this is reaction to the new
10:30 pm
presidential signing. >> and see if he's going to be a big loser or winner. we'll see. >> you going to hurt his chances to win? >> i don't know what is going to happen. i am thinking about joining them a couple times. >> what did you think of this event today? >> i know it was great. four, five years ago, they wouldn't have had to have this. no one would have wanted to see it. it's a great soon. over 7,000 people came and they're excited. everyone's having a good time and yeta great. >> coming up on sports extra, a couple of the nats players talk about moving on after the thible loss. >> yeah. >> and later in sports and this show, we'll meet the newest member of the team, the new center fielder and leadoff hitter. >> great. >> and what he facility like when he fonout he got traded. >> -- find out he got traded. >> another big named senator is stepping down in maryland. working to raise the state's minimum wage is causing concern
10:31 pm
for business owners. plus, check before you swipe. starting tomorrow, you could be paying extra to pay by credit card. those stories are coming up next on the you ins at -- news at 10. i got it when we could download an hd movie in like two minutes.
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an effort to raise the minimum wage to $10 an hour in maryland by 2015 is raising eyebrows. the restaurant association of maryland is concerned about it and so are some mom-and-pop stores. audrey barns is on that story and has the latest from the newsroom. audrey. >> reporter: right now, the minimum wage is $7.25 an hour. it's higher than that in 19 states and d.c. some maryland state lawmakers said it's time for low-wage earners to get a pay raise. at zs pizza in silver spring, even the crooks don't make $10 an hour now. the manager said that a boost in the minimum wage would be a
10:35 pm
positive thing for a lot of people >> you can't really live $7 an hour, i am living paycheck to paycheck. >> reporter: he also thinks a hike in the minimum wage would end up costing jobs because of the increase of labor cost. >> and then i'm against it because a lot of restaurants won't be able to meet that labor by boosting up the $10. that is a lot of paychecks that you have to cut. >> reporter: state senator robert garigaola of germanton said they will introduce legislation it week to increase the minimum wage from $7.25 an hour now to $8.25 in july. $9 in july of 2014 and to $10 in july of 2015. right on time for the high school friends out job hunting today to start stock piling cash for college this fall. >> i make minimum wage at the job i am working now and when they take out taxes from my paycheck, i have almost nothing
10:36 pm
left. >> i think it would be incredibly important and helpful for me. -- me. then i don't have to look for two jobs. >> reporter: they have resulted in more than sunthousand fewer jobs from maryland teenagers between 2005 and 2011. but they call it an antipoverty plan to give maryland families more money. it has the support of a new campaign called raise maryland made up of 20 unions and others who say a lot of maryland families are having trouble making ends meet at 7 toss dive an hour. >> -- $7.25 an hour. >> slog it doesn't make anything else and go up as well. and then it's only, it's not hap helping people who it's supposed to help, it's skewing everything else. >> , is other states are considering wage hikes of their
10:37 pm
own this year. in 2011 it didn't pass then. >> thank you. >> we ask our facebook fans what they think of maryland trying to face the minimum wage. i think it's a great idea. i feel like the local economy would benefit the increase. shannon moscow wits said that everything else will go up and nothing will change. every time i get a raise that is what happened. they offered this thought. what willha mean for cities and towns that -- will that mean for cities and towns in neighboring states. they will think about setting up shop in maryland if it's cheaper to do business in virginia and delaware. a consumer alert you might soon have to pay a service fee come you buy something with the credit card. merchants have to pay a processing fee to accept visa and mastercard. starting now, they allowed to pass that fee on to you and not every merchant will do so. the fee is capped at for% and it doesn't apply to debit
10:38 pm
cards. this is coming from an antitrust settlement. and we getting more information from sally greenburg, the executive director of the national consumers look. the thing we don't know is how many merchants are going to pass along what is called an interchange fee. every time you swipe the card, the merchant is paying a feedback to the credit card company. we don't know how many muchants are going to be charging people that fee and that is's thinking it might be some of the smaller merchants and may not be too good for the business. they're thinking twice about whether they want to pass that fee along. >> it could, obviously, potentially turn a couple away. >> that's right. and there is certain things the couples canco -- can do. first of all, you're supposed to the be warned ahead of time if you're going to be charged a fee. >> and you're supposed to be warned verbally? >> there has to be a seen there. >> i see. >> and there should be a very broad warning there that --
10:39 pm
that we're passing back the interchange. you can do several things. one, you can ask and i will always ask in the future whether i am going to be charged the interchange fee. secondly, pay in cash in which case there is no fee and that is hard if you're buying a big ticket item obvious. >> sure. >> and you can pay with a debit card. if you're going to be charged the fee. again, very important. ask up front. we don't know how many merchants are going to be charging that back to the consumer. and so you can pay with the prepaid card. there is -- or a check. >> uh-huh. >> and there are things can you do as a consumer to protect yourself from having to pay the fee. >> is the fee legal in all states? >> well, you were the settle minute, it's legal unless the -- settlement, it's legal unless the state said it's not legal to pass back the fees. in maryland, there is no law saying they can't pass the fees along. ten states passed laws saying you can't pass that fee along to consumers. >> can we as consumers do
10:40 pm
anything to try to stop a retailer from charging this fee if they are? >> if the practice is they're charging the fee, can you say i object to it and don't think it's fair. you never charged me this fee before because it's legal now doesn't make it right and go to the legislature and say, you know, we think it shouldn't be allowed to pass that fee along. merchants are getting certain protections come they have credit cards, you know, it's better than a check because a check, when you get a check as a merchant, it could bounce. you're getting protections when you use the credit card and the merchant is driving protections from that and that is where they're paying the fees. sometimes, you know, they're arguing the fees are too high. we can't afford them and have to pass them to the consumer. there are things the consumers can do. >> certainly, voting with your wallet makes a message loud and clear. >> yeah. >> to a retailer. >> thank you for being with us tonight. >> thank you. >> appreciate it. >> still ahead, a virginia lawmaker is getting some praise
10:41 pm
tonight for coming to the help of a driver in need. and a familiar place face -- face plays ring leader,ing republicans to play smart -- urging republicans to play smart during president obama's second term. >> and later up, stocking up on super bowl essentials will cost you more this year. 
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. one of the senate's most prominent democrats said he will not run for re-election in 2014. idaho senator tom harkin announced that it's time to pass the torch. where's serving his fifth tomorrow in the senate after serving five terms in the house of representatives. his retirement could mean a headache for democrats trying to keep control of the senate. former presidential candidate tom ryan is telling them to stick together. today, he set know a new round of budget battles with the oba in administration. molly henneberg has more. >> reporter: trying to bowie
10:45 pm
fellow conservatives, republican congressman paul ryan said republicans and conservatives will need prude be -- prudence to deal with president obama's second tomorrow. part of that is showing the agenda once it's implemented. >> in the from the's -- president's first term, we argued against big government in theory and in his second tomorrow, we'll argue against big government in practice. obama care is no longer a 2,000- page bill. now, it's 13,000 pages of regulations and it's growing, being implemented. this year, the law will restrict our ability to reuse flexible spinning accounts and it will raise taxes on life saving medical devices. >> reporter: congressman ryan, possibly a presidential continuer in 2016, said republicans should be prepared for the president to be, quote, delegitimize them and,ed them to be smart. >> if we want to promote conservatism, we'll need to use every tool at our disposal. sometimes we will have to
10:46 pm
reject the president apropos error errorrals and that may -- president's proposals and that may come more than once. the president will bait us. he will portray us as cruel and ulyou'lls. >> reporter: the president wants both parties to come together and ask for the good of the country. the press secretary jay carney said in an offcamera gagel that the president believes, quote, we need to compromise, not be absolutists but agree that the need to act on behalf of the american people should compel us to make reasonable compromise while sticking to the principals. that is the approach he's taken and what he intends to take in the second tomorrow. congressman ryan said he doesn't think republicans are in the political wilderness now and since they control the house of representatives and most state legislatures. he said the party needs to broad know its appeal n. washington, molly henneberg, fox news. va have a attorney general ken kucinelli's quick thinking could have avoided a disaster.
10:47 pm
he was on the way back from richmond when he noticed the rear of the semi truck was on fire. he and the driver motioned to pull over and the driver called for help while he got a fire extinguisher, doused the flames and helped the driver get out of her cab. the attorney said the truck's plaid bed was in bad shape as a result. still ahead, a fox 5 followup of police as police make an arrest in the mysterious death of the 15- -month-old baby boy. plus, deadly clashes break out in egypt following the verdict in another violent riot. next.
10:48 pm
10:49 pm
10:50 pm
new at continue, a devastating fire leaves a home owner and firefighter hurt. the fire on shelly lane in fairfax broke out before 730 tool tonight. the man and woman on the first floor heard the smoke detectors
10:51 pm
upstairs going off. the man tried to douse the flames and then he managed -- managed to get the wheelchair- bound woman out and suffered burns and smoke inhaling a. >> i took a buck and attempt to -- inhalation. >> took a bucket and attempt. he was run out of the house by the fire. when we arrived, crews went inside and did an initial attack and had some ceiling collapse and retreated to the exterior attack for some time before going back in. >> we told that one firefighter suffer a burn injury. we were not told how serious it is. the cause of the fire still under investigation. now to a fox 5 followup on an investigation we first told you about last month. a monasses father is under arrest tonight charged in the murder of his young son. that arrest comes after the toddler's mother suspected the bo's father and spoke out about her frustration with a judge who gave the questionable father unsupervised visiting as. fox 5s will thomas has more.
10:52 pm
>> reporter: prince mccloud rams, 15 months ole. last october, his mom dropped him off at his dad's monasses house. >> i remember kissing him on the forehead and will iting him i would see him later. i never saw him alive again. >> reporter: within hours of dropping presence off, he was dead. pulled off life-support at inova fairfax hospital. the medical exam inner determined he drowned. the hospital officials noted bruises above his left eye and blood in his nose. fox 5 spoke with prince's mom last month when she told us she was convinced that prince's dad, her ex-fiance, had something to do with it. >> what i do know is that people around this man die and it keeps happening. >> reporter: now, monasses police arrested her ex. he's charged with first-degree murder. the investigation revealed that
10:53 pm
he took out an unusually large life insurance policy on prince. the detectives are also looking more closely at the death of ram's own mother. the police say it was a suicide. and they are also looking at the unsolved murder of ram's girlfriend finddead in the condo. rams was a person of interest in that murder but despite that, prince's mom couldn't convince a judge to prevent rams from having unsupervised visits. the judge out of montgomery county said i don't know anything about the homicide investigation. i know one thing that if there is evidence you charge it and prosecute it. if there is not, then you don't. and that is how it stands before me. >> reporter: prince's mom believes the judge was wrong. >> and there were so many points of failure in this situation. when it comes down to it, there is going to be a lot of finger pointing. >> the judge can't talk about
10:54 pm
active cases, but prince's murder and the custody battle that played out before his death will be scrutinized and debated as prince's father faces accusations he killed his own son. >> that was fox 5s will thomas reporting. the commonwealth tarn said under virginia law, joaquin rams' charge could be later elevated to capital murder, meaning a death sentence or life in prison. to egypt now. violent riots have killed at least 27 people. after a controversial day in court. the clashes follow the death sentences of 21 people accused of taking part in one of the deadliest soccer riots last year. at least 74 people were killed in that incident. the verdict for the 52 remaining defends will come in march. -- defendants will come in march. >> coming up, a wizards host the bowl looking for the seventh win. lindsay murphy is up next with sports. >> well, continuing across our area, laura. look at the temperatures all up and down the mid-atlantic.
10:55 pm
cooler air settling in for another day; however, changes are on the way. you will see them in the full forecast coming up later. we'll be right back after the break. 
10:56 pm
10:57 pm
10:58 pm
. john wall has made a big difference, lindsay murphy some want. >> girl. >> and it's nice and -- night and day. he missed the first 33 games and it was suffering. >> yeah. >> for the team and fans. no one was going to the games. to have him back is a difference. they're a fun team to watch now. >> good. >> the wizards are not the same ones that suffered through the worst start in franchise history. they're a competitive, fun group to watch. and has the wizards host the bulls, in the final secs of the first half, making the second straight start and by nate robinson for the lay-in and with some 15 points and seven assists and this is why you
10:59 pm
practice the give and go. part of a 25-6 run that spanned to give the wizards a 14-paint lead and with the force on offense. drives in for the left and two of the scan points. the wizard -- 16 points, the wizards down from the bulls, and a first win for the first time since 2008. john thompson 3 and the hoyas hosting fifth-ranked louisville. starks, watch this move and it's dirty. frees him and hits the j. hoyas up five, starting with 17 points. the game tied at 50. rivera misses and check out the acrobatic tip-in. pointing to the game and proved to be important. the hoyas up two. final secs, louisville trailed by one. the jumper, no good. the rebound and fouled -- fouled. defeating them,

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